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From an early age I was influenced by soul, reggae and motown and used to go as many discos as I could. Emporor Rosko was a regular visitor to Staines town hall on a Friday night. I then progressed to going to a club in Richmond called Cheeky Petes and the sounds played there were a bit more funky and commercial.

As I got older London called and regular visits to the 100 club on a Thursday night to here obscure reggae bands on the Trojan Label were the order of the day. This along with visits to Hammersmith Odeon to see the likes of BB King, Roy Ayes and others expanded my tastes to take in Jazz Funk.
I then started to visit a club in Chertsey called Chertsey Lock, they had the likes of Greg Edwards playing every month or so as well as some pretty knowledgable local DJ’s. Being down there most nights resulted in me getting offered a live in job. With-in 18 months I was running the club.
In conjunction with the owners who’s other clubs were Pantiles in Surrey and Oscars in Marbella we started booking the likes of Chris Brown, Chris Hill and Robbie Vincent for Friday and Saturday. In the early 80’s, Sunday night took a completely different direction, with a new Romantics night and regular guest slot for Rusty Egan from Visage and his friends from Billys.
It was about this time that I got my first taste of being behind the decks, when a DJ failed to turn up on a Saturday night. As I recall it was for about 400 people rather surprised at seeing me in the booth, but I got them moving in the end. The only complaint being that I did not talk between the tracks!!!!!
Present day influences are Ibiza and the internet.

I found the island later than most and could not believe how maligned it has been in the press. Lovely countryside, sunsets, food and most of all music.

My favourite band live is Faithless and the DJ I currently enjoy the most is Eric Morillo, although I recently went to Sankey’s in Manchester and saw Lee Burridge and was very impressed. Favourite club is Pacha and Amnesia but enjoy KM5 and Atzaro for a quieter evening or the Jockey club during the day. Escape in Amsterdam is also a good night depending who is on.

As for record labels Defected and Azuli are up there along with Morillo’s Subliminal

These are the influences of Spectrum Disco



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