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Origins of Modern Wedding Traditions


Some interesting facts on the origins of Modern Wedding traditions

Bouquet TossNowadays there are so many different versions of wedding traditions. Some are deep-rooted in religion, history, and culture, some could be family traditions, and others were simply created for convenience, style copycatting, or from marketing. Here are a few modern wedding traditions with a glimpse into the symbolism and how they became commonplace today.

Queen Victoria

White Wedding Gowns: The color white is associated with innocence and purity, which is what most brides want to convey on their wedding day. But it has not always been the color of choice. Black or colored wedding gowns were the custom for European and American brides for many years. It was not until Queen Victoria  wore a white lace wedding gown when she married Prince Albert in 1840. The style was quickly copied by elite and wealthy brides and by the time WWII hit, it had spread across countries and to the middle classes.

Wedding Veil:

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