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My Studio


My Studio has been built up over 10 years and is a combination of hardware and software. I use it for a combination of remixing existing tracks, and producing my own material. I have far more gear than I need, but just love tinkering and coming up with new sounds.

Central to my set-up is Ableton Live, which I have been using since version 3, initially in conjunction with Cubase and Reason but now I do nearly everything in it.

My hardware is as follows:

Soundcraft 24 channel desk

Access Virus Rack

Oberhiem Matrix

Waldorf Pulse

Roland JV 1080 – Latin, Trance, Bass, Vintage cards

Korg Echo

Joe Meek Compressor

POD Guitar Amp

My Software is:
Abelton Live 8



Korg Pack


Vaz Modular

All controlled with a Novation Nocturn

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